Our mission


The Seaside National Park is a specially protected natural area of nationwide significance in Azerbaijan. The National Park is managed by the Seaside Boulevard Department, a legal entity of public law.

Our mission is to:

  • Be responsible for the overall management and oversight of the National Park;
  • ensure the provision of a special protection regime; the preservation of historical and cultural objects and special-purpose buildings and constructions as well as rare plant species on the territory of the National Park;
  • protect, oversee and manage the State Flag Square and the State Flag Museum located within the Seaside National Park, and ensure their perspective development.

We are set to create an environment for implementing cultural and public events of international and local significance to arrange favorable conditions for the local and international visiting public, to ensure the long-term development of the National Park, through studying and applying the most advanced examples of world experience, and to preserve our historical heritage of culture and architecture!