Yoga and health festival

Every year, all yoga lovers gather at a big festival jointly organized by YARAT and The Seaside Boulevard Department to celebrate a grand event of International Day of Yoga. This year Sabina Shahi, the founder of Yoga Shahi Studio, is curating the event.One of the main partners of event is the Embassy of India in Azerbaijan. The theme is “Health and nature care, unity and equality of all”.
Program includes 108 Sun Salutations, the official presentation with the Indian yogi, a variety of styles of practices, various traditions and techniques, lectures on the most relevant physical and spiritual topics, oriental arts, fitness and dancing, art, vegan food and yoga products, ethnic concert and more of useful and fun things.




“Let’s sing the Hymn together”

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The Seaside Boulevard Department organized an action on the occasion of National Flag Day on November 9th

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