Cafe "Mirvari"


Cafe "Mirvari" is one of the main attractions of the Seaside park. "Mirvari" was built in 1962 at the initiative of the chairman of the Baku City Executive Committee Alish Lemberansky. Lemberansky made the decision to build the cafe after he was on a business trip in Scandinavia and saw a photograph of a similar restaurant Los Manantiales, built in 1958 in the suburbs of Mexico City by Spanish architect Felix Candela.

The design of this place was entrusted to the architect Vadim Shulik. When designing the “Mirvari”, the architect mainly focused on the original design. N. Nikonov was chosen as a building constructor. In 1962, the cafe was ready and became the main symbol of the Seaside Boulevard, as well as one of the most popular places in Baku. Only three countries in the world can boast of such architectural structures - Cafe Mirvari in Baku, Los Monantiales in Mexico, and the Valencia Exhibition Salon in Spain.

The aerial design of the “Mirvari” was successfully located on the protruding section of the upper terrace of the Seaside Boulevard. At that time, the sea was splashing at the very foot of the pavilion. The originality of the construction of thin reinforced concrete (6-8 cm) is that it does not have walls - the ceiling smoothly passes into the supports, opening like a flower.